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OptonicaLED LED SMD Floodlight CL2 LED floodlight is easy to install and illuminates a relatively large area. These luminaires are commonly used for outdoor purposes. The product protection class is IP65. This is an energy efficient, long lasting, and environmentally friendly choice.
OptonicaLED LED SMD Floodlight CL2
Min 7.5€
OptonicaLED LED SMD Floodlight with motion sensor LED floodlight is suitable to use as outdoor light sources due to the wide angle (150°),weather resistancy and sensor, that is motion sensitive.
OptonicaLED LED SMD Floodlight with motion sensor
Min 17.33€
OptonicaLED LED Prožektor Kaasaskantav Portable LED floodlight for indoor and outdoor purposes with models available with 800lm and 1600lm. This luminaire with tempered glass cover uses less energy than traditional halogen-floodlights and is impact proof and has a low maintenance factor. The product is powered by an internal ...
OptonicaLED LED Prožektor Kaasaskantav
Min 42.75€
Luxiona Fargo LED Modern, industrial luminary equipped with highly efficient LED light sources and housing made of aluminium. Mounting on an adjustable clamp. Due to long lifetime and maintenance free operation the luminary can be successfully used in poorly accessible areas like production halls, ...
Luxiona Fargo LED
Min 54.3€
PXF Lighting Stream LED Stream LED is a floodlight suitable for illuminating specific areas within sports fields, parking garages, and other working areas. The luminaire has a high protection class (IP 66), which makes it also suitable to use within humid conditions. The luminaire is highly impact resistant (IK 10), ...
PXF Lighting Stream LED
Min 213.82€
PXF Lighting Pixel Pixel is an outdoor floodlight luminaire of modern and elegant shape, that is designed for newest LED modules of high efficiency. Protection classes IP66 and IK10. Ideal for lighting facades, gardens, shopping malls and residential areas. Also perfect for illumination of streets, parks and ...
PXF Lighting Pixel
Min 227.6€
Foxlight CG Stadium Light Powerful floodlight with high energy efficiency lighting big areas like sport - and golf stadiums, building facades and other similar environment. Possible to order with different beam angle and colour temperature.
Foxlight CG Stadium Light
Min 253.5€